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Welcome, I'm Lisa! Wedding and portrait photographer, wife, mama, and J.Crew's biggest fan. I'm here to make sure your photos are oh-so classic with a pop of emotion. Photography aside, I'm a Chicago girl through and through. I love shopping, live in flats, and believe a manicure is always a good idea. On the blog, you'll find recent sessions, tips for brides, and life/studio updates. Grab a mug of coffee and stay awhile! I'm so glad you're here.




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Lincoln Park Surprise Proposal


Hello friends!  Do I have a super sweet post to share with you!  This past weekend I captured photos of Sean’s surprise proposal to Julie at the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk!  Before the photos, let me fill you in on the story.

Last month, Sean’s sister Courtney, a old friend of mine from high school, reached out to me about photographing her brother’s proposal to his girlfriend, Julie.  Courtney said Sean was planning to come to Chicago from Fort Wayne, Indiana for the weekend to propose to her.  Being the loving big sis, Courtney wanted to hire me to take photos of this special moment for them!  Since I love surprises and even more so SURPRISE PROPOSALS,  I was so excited to be in on the plan!

The next day, I called up Sean to talk to him about location ideas and how he was planning to propose.  Sean said he wanted to plan something so special for Julie, especially since he wasn’t known for being a planner.  It was so fun to hear how excited he was.  He told me that he met Julie through a friend seven years ago and they’ve been together ever since.  They live together with their little pup, Zoe. He was so excited to take the next step and propose to her.

A couple days before the “big day” Sean decided on a location, the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk.  We both agreed it would be the perfect spot!  We planned for me to place a rose on the bridge where he’d stop to propose.  I would be there waiting to capture the moment!

On the day of, I arrived at the bridge a half hour early to wait for them.  Since this is a proposal, I just had one chance to nail the shot!  I had to be ready!!  I texted Sean to say I was there and in place.

Sean texted back and said they were on their way.  I kept watch for them to come up the pathway to the bridge.  Any minute….

Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk Surprise Proposal

Here they come!!!

Here I was pretending to be a tourist taking photos but really it was to show the rose was in place!!!  BTW I just love the view from the Lincoln Park Boardwalk!

Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk Surprise Proposal

He found the spot and he’s getting ready to propose!!  THE BIG MOMENT!!!


Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk Surprise Proposal


Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk Surprise Proposal

She said YES!!!!!!


Sean let Julie on his other surprise, that I was there taking photos and that they’d have some engagement photos taken!  I love Julie’s surprised look on her face!

Julie was so impressed Sean was able to plan all of this!  We had such a good time laughing and filling her in!  It was so funny that Julie said when she saw the rose laying on the rock, she thought it was there because someone had passed away at that spot.  I couldn’t stop laughing at that!!

And now to their GORGEOUS engagement photos!

Lincoln Park Surprise Proposal

Capturing the sheer happiness on their faces during this moment made my heart grow bigger by two sizes!  They are SO STUNNING together!!

Sean, thank you so much for trusting me to capture these once in a lifetime moments!  You and Julie are such a beautiful couple inside and out.  In just our short time together, I could see how much the two of you love each other.  Julie, thank you so much for having so much fun at your surprise photo session!  You were such a trooper with braving the cold!  These photos are so worth your poor cold hands!  I love that they capture your joy and happiness.  I hope you love looking back at them fondly in your happily ever after! Congratulations again on your engagement!  I am just so happy for you both!!!





Gear Used for this Surprise!

Canon Mark iii

Canon 50 mm 1.2


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