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Welcome, I'm Lisa! Wedding and portrait photographer, wife, mama, and J.Crew's biggest fan. I'm here to make sure your photos are oh-so classic with a pop of emotion. Photography aside, I'm a Chicago girl through and through. I love shopping, live in flats, and believe a manicure is always a good idea. On the blog, you'll find recent sessions, tips for brides, and life/studio updates. Grab a mug of coffee and stay awhile! I'm so glad you're here.




Tips for Brides

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Five Top Wedding Day Timeline Tips

Tips for Brides

Hi there, bride-to-be!  So your wedding day is coming up and you need to start thinking about your wedding day timeline.  You are in the right spot because I am going to share with you my five top wedding day timeline tips.

Wedding Days can be stressful and having a plan for the day can help remove some of the stress.  Creating a timeline that you can easily refer to throughout the day is essential.  It will guide you, your bridal party and your vendors as to where and when you need to be during the day.  It will also allow you to plan time for the most important photography related moments of the day.  That said, I’m happy to share my five top tips for your wedding day timeline, as follows:



 Five Top Wedding Day Timeline Tips


Start your timeline early

I recommend starting your timeline two months out from your wedding day.  Your timeline will be revised and revised again but having the basic outline of the day will help as you work with all of your vendors.  Knowing who is coming when and where will make all the difference as you get into the home stretch of wedding planning.  Work with your photographer to ensure you’ve allowed for proper time for bridal, bridal party and family photos.

Sunset Photos

One of the first things I do when meeting a couple is to check to see what time sunset is on their wedding date.  I always recommend planning for 15-20 minutes of outdoor photos during this time to get some really pretty golden light.

Schedule Time for Detail Photos

Some of my favorite shots of a wedding day are detail photos.  When looking back through your wedding day album, having photos of each special piece of jewelry you wore, your perfume, and your shoes makes it extra special.  It’s all these little things that tell the story of you.  When your children or grandchildren look through your wedding album, they will love seeing all the pretty things you wore that day.  Plus detail shots just look so pretty in pictures!!

Formal Family Portraits

I typically recommend 20-30 minutes for family photos.  A timeline will ensure that everyone knows to come early or stay after the ceremony for the photos.  Extended family photos can be taken during cocktail hour if necessary.

Hire a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

Feeling stressed with keeping your day organized?  Completely remove the stress and hire a day-of-coordinator to plan the timeline and keep the day on track for you.  I have several day-of-coordinators that can help make your day easy as possible.  Just ask me for some recommendations!

My last piece of advice is not everything on your wedding day will go according to your timeline.  The day of my own wedding, I was running late with getting ready and my husband was waiting for me at our first look location for 20 minutes!  LOL.  He was beginning to wonder if I was coming!  I made it finally and we had the most beautiful day ever. Bottom line:  Enjoy your day but have a plan to make sure things run smoothly!

Five Top Wedding Day Timeline Tips


Hope you enjoyed my five top wedding day timeline tips.




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