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Welcome, I'm Lisa! Wedding and portrait photographer, wife, mama, and J.Crew's biggest fan. I'm here to make sure your photos are oh-so classic with a pop of emotion. Photography aside, I'm a Chicago girl through and through. I love shopping, live in flats, and believe a manicure is always a good idea. On the blog, you'll find recent sessions, tips for brides, and life/studio updates. Grab a mug of coffee and stay awhile! I'm so glad you're here.




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Tips for Engagement Photos With Dogs


Hi friends! I love it when my couples want to include their four legged friend in their photos!  Dogs are such an important part of our lives and what better way than including your pup in your engagement photos.  To make bringing your pup along easier, I’m sharing with you my Tips for Engagement Photos with Dogs!  These tips are straight from a dog mom who also is a photographer!  Me!

Tips for Engagement Photos with Dogs

Tip 1: Inform Your Photographer

As easy as this may seem, giving your photographer a heads up that you are bring along your dog will help when your photographer is planning for your session.  Most photographers I know love including pets in their sessions because, well, who doesn’t love dogs.


Tip 2:  Pick a Location That is Dog Friendly

Picking a public space that allows dogs is one of the first things you should do when planning.  Most of the time you can find out if your spot is dog friendly through an internet search or a quick phone call.  Locations that I’d suggest that are good for dogs are parks, neighborhood sidewalks (think cute Lincoln Park Streets) or outdoor cafes with animal friendly spaces.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget the Grooming

Get your pup looking top notch by giving him or her a bath before your session.  Taking the dog to the groomer to get any stray hairs trimmed also helps too!  We want your dog looking just as good as you two on your engagement session night!

Tips for Engagement Photos with Dogs

Tip 4:  Dressed Up

Why not get a new bandana for your pup before their big photo day?  A cute collar or new bandana will make your pet look all dressed up for the occasion!  There are so many places on the internet you can buy cute collars bandanas.  My FAVORITE shop for pet bandana is Coco and Pistachio.

Tip 4: Pack the Basics

When taking your pup to your photo session be sure to bring a leash, a collar with name tag, a current rabies tag and poop bags to pick up any accidents!  I’d also suggest bringing water for your dog especially if it is hot or you expect to be walking a lot!

8 Tips for Engagement Photos with Dogs


Tip 5: TREATS!

Bringing treats to the session is so important!  Treats will help your dog focus and reward him/her for good behavior!  I love little bite sized treats that are easy to eat and won’t take up too much room in your pocket.

Tip 6:  Squeaker Toys!

Taking your pup’s favorite squeaker toy to the session will help your photographer get your dogs attention!  Bring a favorite one so that your dog is sure to look at the camera!

Tip 7:  Bring Along a Friend

If possible, bring along a friend or a family member who could hold the dog’s leash so that you and your fiancé can get a couple photos without your dog!  Another idea is to plan your session closely your house so you could do half of your photos with your dog and half without!  Engagement sessions about about an hour so keep in mind your dogs attention span!

Tips for Engagement Photos with Dogs

Tip 8:  Have fun!

Taking your dog to your engagement session will be such a fun experience!  Remember to set realistic expectations for dog based on their personality!  Have them there will add joy, excitement and a little bit of the unexpected to your engagement photos!

Hope you found these tips for engagement photos with dogs helpful!



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