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Welcome, I'm Lisa! Wedding and portrait photographer, wife, mama, and J.Crew's biggest fan. I'm here to make sure your photos are oh-so classic with a pop of emotion. Photography aside, I'm a Chicago girl through and through. I love shopping, live in flats, and believe a manicure is always a good idea. On the blog, you'll find recent sessions, tips for brides, and life/studio updates. Grab a mug of coffee and stay awhile! I'm so glad you're here.




Tips for Brides

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Tips For Planning Your First Look

Tips for Brides

Hi Friends!  I’m so excited to share some of my favorite Tips for Planning Your First Look!  First off, your not alone if you have no idea what a first look is!  Let me fill you in!  A first look is a time in your wedding day, before the ceremony, where you see your bride or groom for the first time.


I have three recommendations for picking a location.  Pick a location that is private and a location that will make for a beautiful setting for this moment.  Since this is a quiet moment spent between the bride and groom, a location without distractions or prying eyes is important.  For location, discuss with your photographer some of your favorite spots at the location you choose your first look at unfold at.  My third recommendation is lighting.  Pick a location with soft, shaded lighting that is away from the harsh sun.  


Plan your first look right after your getting ready photos.  At this time of the day, bride and grooms are so ready to see each other.  They both are looking their best and their excitement level to see each other is through the roof!  I love seeing how big smiles are these moments just before the first look.  

Genuine Moments

The first look is one of the sweetest moments of the day that unfolds with emotion naturally.  I usually have my groom facing the opposite way of which the bride will walk towards him.  With no direction other than having the bride tap on the grooms shoulder, I let this beautiful moment unfold.  I’ve seen everything from huge smiles and laughter to tears and hugs.  I appreciate that each of my couples are unique and have a different reaction. 

Take Your Time

Take the time to really absorb this moment.  A first look is one of the only times on your wedding day that you will be alone together.  Hold that hug, talk to each other and soak up your wedding day.  

Happy planning for your first look!  This moment will be one of the memories you will most cherish on your wedding day!  Email me with any questions about planning your first look!




Tips For Planning Your First Look


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