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Welcome, I'm Lisa! Wedding and portrait photographer, wife, mama, and J.Crew's biggest fan. I'm here to make sure your photos are oh-so classic with a pop of emotion. Photography aside, I'm a Chicago girl through and through. I love shopping, live in flats, and believe a manicure is always a good idea. On the blog, you'll find recent sessions, tips for brides, and life/studio updates. Grab a mug of coffee and stay awhile! I'm so glad you're here.




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My 2018 Summer Family Photo Album on Film


Hi friends!  How is it that it is already September?  While I am getting ready for all things fall (candy corn, pumpkins, and college football), I wanted to take a moment and share some highlights from our 2018 Family Photo Album.

All summer, I’ve been taking along one of my film cameras to capture memories of our 2018 summer!  Our summer started with a family trip back to my hometown in Michigan.  Abby was still mastering the art of walking and had so much fun getting to spend time with her cousins and family back in the mitten state.

Over the long hot weekend, we went out to dinner, we watched my niece place soccer, and went to a family picnic at my parents house.

Abby’s cousins LOVE playing with her!!

Grandma loves holding Abby.  She is the best at making her laugh!!

Love from Dad!

Abby met her great Aunt and Uncle who live in Arizona!  My photos from my visit home to Michigan, were taken on my Canon 35mm camera.

St. Joe, Michigan

In mid-June, we took a trip to St. Joseph, Michigan to visit Matt’s parents new home.  On our overnight trip, we had planned for the guys to go golfing and for the girls to go shopping in Downtown St. Joe to their annual summer Art Fair.

Unfortunately our outdoor plans changed, as it started to rain.  To shelter us from the rain, we stopped into the Chocolate Cafe and ordered some chocolate fondue.  This was THE BEST chocolate fondue ever!  I think between the three of us, we ate nearly all of it!

Here are some of the highlights from our weekend trip:

Matt & his Dad

We took a walk to the end of the pier while Grandma stayed home while Abby napped.

Abby wasn’t too excited about walking in the sand.  Womp womp.

Abby loves all the extra attention when visiting family!

Cantigny Park

At the end of June, my parents came into town to celebrate my birthday!  Another hot weekend, with temps in the high 90s we spent a lot of time indoors but found some time to enjoy the heat!  We took Abby to her favorite splash pad where Grandma and Grandpa got a kick out of watching her play in the water.  We took a quick trip to Cantigny Park but decided it was WAY to hot to walk around.  Thankfully I was able to grab some photos before we ended up leaving.

Abby’s little smile <3


I love these photos with Grandma and Grandpa.  Even through Grandpa didn’t want to be out in the heat!!

Brookfield Zoo

Some of the other fun things we did this summer (where I took my camera), was heading to the Brookfield Zoo.  We spent the morning walking around showing Abby all the animals.  She even was able to feed a giraffe some kale!  Of course, Dad helped while Abby watched curiously watch the giraffe take the leaves from Dad’s hand.

We’re here!

Abby didn’t know what to think of the giraffe.  It’s a little bigger than Beckett!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the Hufford Family Photo Album for 2018.  I hope you had a wonderful summer!



All film scans from The Find Lab.

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