About us

Today, Lisa Hufford Photo is one of the most renowned fashion distributors in world. Representing more than 30 high-end brands to more than 100 boutiques. The qualified and motivated staff still carries the core company values at heart; loyalty, personal service and building long term relationships with both clients and manufacturers.


Simple, foundational clothing. An interchangeable, lean wardrobe. Practical outfits. Smart, sharp style with the flexibility to “make it fashion”.

Less effort getting dressed. A more cohesive wardrobe.

This is what Lisa Hufford Photo is all about.

Our goal is to create content that helps the regular girl with little to no style experience build a lean wardrobe filled with great pieces that all go with each other.

This makes getting dressed every day simple and straight-forward.

A basic, versatile wardrobe is the goal for some guys, while for others, it’s just the starting point.

Because of this, we also write articles about taking your personal style to the next level.


  • You’re smart, successful, and confident… but that doesn’t always show in the way you dress
  • You’re interested in dressing well and looking good, but you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it
  • You notice when other girls are sharply dressed, but you can’t quite put your finger on what makes them look sharp, while your outfits fall flat

If so, well, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a good chance you have an idea about how to dress well. But it’s not second nature.

You’re not looking to be some style expert.

You want to learn just enough so you feel confident in your clothes and know how to look sharp… whether you’re headed to a coffee shop with a friend, or into your boss’ office to ask for a promotion.